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The medical department is not only for passing out prescribed and OTC medications. Along with that, we also treat minor injuries, schedule all medical, dental and other health related medical appointments. We have an on campus medical clinic, once a week, where a contracted PA comes to campus to address any medical needs, out of our scope. The department also has a sick bay area for youth that are quarantined for one reason or another, who are under the watchful eyes of medical personnel. Emergency healthcare is provided by our local emergency departments and dental offices.

We offer a TXHS physical clinic once a month where the youth can receive missing immunizations and seasonal flu shots. As well, flu shots and TB tests are offered to GCTC staff. At least once a quarter, we provide STI education and testing as well as ongoing medical/health education on an individual basis.

Medical personnel are on campus Monday through Friday from 630a to 930p with the Medical Supervisor being on call 24/7. This is just a sample of the services GCTC Medical department provides for our youth and staff.

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