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When entering the tranquil 57 acre campus nestled in the Sam Houston National Forest your first vision is of the GCTC Administration Building. This 10,000 square foot structure provides offices for the following departments and personnel:



Human Resources (HR)

Office of Contractual Compliance (OCC)

Executive Director


The Deputy Director


The Family/Life/Visitor Center (FLC) is one of the most versatile buildings on the entire campus. This building is used for many of the events held at the Center, such as graduation. Several times a year the facility is used by outside organizations to host banquets and meetings. The Family/Life/Visitor Center holds the following departments and personnel:


Information Technology (IT)

Residential Services

Social Services (Caseworkers)


The Saturday visitation is one of the most important events at Gulf Coast Trades Center. The wide open space located in the center of the FLC building is the perfect place for families to sit, talk, catch up and work on keeping the lines of communication open among their family unit.


At the north end of campus our gymnasium is the pride of the recreation department. A basketball court is used to host tournaments throughout the year, while adding hours of recreational pleasure for the students on a daily basis.

Basketball is not the only recreation activity for students, Gulf Coast Trades Center also has the following available, an Olympic size swimming pool, a sand volleyball court, as well as a football and baseball fields utilized by staff and students.


There are currently seven dormitories for the students. These spacious living area allows each student to have his/her own bed and wall locker. A restroom is located on each side of the dorm to avoid overcrowding and add additional privacy. Each dormitory is equipped with books, games, and TV's for use during evenings and weekends.


At the south end of campus is the Thomas "Mike" Buzbee Vocational High School grounds. At school, student residents gain valuable marketable vocational skills in a number of trades employment areas. Academic classes move students toward graduation or help in accomplishing their G.E.D or high school diploma. Vocational & academic training areas stretch down two sides of the property located at the south end of the campus. The shops are spacious and encompass class, instructor and all the training material yet designed to hold one on one attention and instruction.


The Medical Department has an infirmary which is used for students who find themselves under the weather. If a participant in the program is ill and unable to attend class for any reason under the direction of a physician he may rest comfortably on one of the many beds in this area. A nurse's station is adjacent to the infirmary should professional medical staff be needed.


The cafeteria is the place to be three times a day. With more than 65,000 meals served a year. The facility which was completed in 1982 will comfortably set 200 people at one time. The kitchen is separated from the dining area by a serving line which consists of a covered salad bar and built in steam tables.