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Board of Directors:


Ms. Marilu Ballow - Chairperson


Mr. Ken Tarpey - Vice Chairperson


Ms. Celestine Harris - Vice Chairperson


Ms. JoAnn Jones-Burbridge - Secretary


Mr. JT Langley


Mr. Scott Buzbee


Mr. Paul Puente


The Raven Charter School, located on the main campus of GCTC, was founded in 1998. In 2016 the school campus that is located at GCTC has was renamed The Thomas "Mike" Buzbee Vocational High School.  The Thomas "Mike" Buzbee Vocational High School provides educational resources and the opportunity for youth to finish their high school education. An open-enrollment charter school dedicated to education and vocational training.  At-risk youth from all regions of the state of Texas graduate from the Raven School District.


The Thomas "Mike" Buzbee Vocational High School conducts GED, vocational and Drivers Education training, which are integrated into the trades skills training, making the learning experience practical and more meaningful. Teaching occurs in the classroom, in the vocational shops, in the Library, and on the work sites.


Common Curriculum


These are the courses that we use to build the basic foundation for all of our trade programs. Our common curriculum provides our students with a diverse set of skills that act as stepping stones for the remainder of their training with us, as well as equipping them for the process of life-long learning.


Entering the World of Work


Classroom: 55 Hours


This course offering covers eleven core competencies as required by the U.S. Department of Labor SCANS program. The competencies include the following: making career decisions, labor market information, resumes, applications, interview skills, interpersonal relations, and task completion. The goal of this training is to enhance employability once vocational training is completed.


This course also explores the different careers and jobs associated with work in the selected field. Areas covered include necessary skills for trade related jobs, average wage rates for related skills, the need for basic education skills in the workplace, and rules of the workplace.


Related Academics


Classroom: 200 Hours


This course offering provides an overview of basic academic skills necessary to compete in the working world. Emphasis is placed on the basic skill competencies in reading and mathematics. Students scoring below sixth grade level are placed in computer assisted, individualized learning components. Students assessed above a seventh grade level are placed in a GED preparatory track. All training is individualized using a multimedia approach.


Shop Safety


Classroom: 5.5 Hours


Laboratory: 22 Hours


Students learn the basic shop safety practices and how each shop utilizes the rules in daily operations. Areas covered include: proper lifting, eye safety, use of ladders and scaffolding, power tool safety, cutting safety, hazardous chemical use, electrical hazards, dangerous gases and fire hazards.


Drivers Education


Using equipment and training materials provided through a collaborative agreement with Texas Region VI Education Service Center, GCTC provides drivers education to non-licensed students.




Grievances/complaints concerning the delivery of education services are directed to the office of the Deputy Director. Resolution of these grievances is begun within 36 hours of filing. The Executive Director is kept apprised of the process and the resolution of all grievances. Unresolved grievances are directed to:


Career Schools and Colleges

Texas Workforce Commission

101 East 15th Street

Austin, Texas 78778-0001


Gulf Coast Trades Center maintains a certificate of approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to operate as a career school.


Gulf Coast Trades Center’s programs are approved by TWC as well as the Council for Occupational Education (COE) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA).


Students must address their concerns about the school and programs at Gulf Coast Trades Center by following the grievance process outlined in the Gulf Coast Trades Center handouts.


Students dissatisfied with the Gulf Coast Trades Center’s response to their complaint can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies if applicable.


Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found with Gulf Coast Trades Center administration and on the Career Schools and Colleges Website at:


The Texas Workforce Commission assigned school number is S0310.




2014-2015 Raven School Report Card


2015-2016 Notice of Teacher Qualifications


Career and Technical Education Methods of Administration (English)


Educacion Profesional y Tecnica Metodos de Administracion (Espanol)


Texas Transition and Employment Guide


2016-2017 Raven School Report Card


2017-2018 Raven School Report Card


English Parent Notification Letter of Federal Report Card




The Raven School pays its superintendent an annual salary of $43,000.


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We are currently in a collaboration with Montgomery County United Way and Healing Hands Ranch to teach our kids horticulture and aquaponics!

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The Gulf Coast Trades Center and Raven Charter School District prohibit discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, or belief, and against any beneficiary of programs financially assisted under Title I, WIOA on the basis of citizenship/status as a lawfully admitted immigrant authorized to work in the United States or his or her participation in any WIOA Title I financially assisted program or activity.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer is Dr. Dale Underwood, at Email: dale.underwood@gctcw.org and Phone: (936) 344-6677.

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